Operation Cookies: Reflecting on 2019 - Our First Year in Business

Hello everyone from Paul and Angie here at Operation Cookies!  We hope everyone had a great holiday season and are enjoying the new year. 

We wanted to take a moment and reflect back on the year 2019 and all the wonderful people we met and interacted with online and even some of the local folks here in the Pittsburgh area that we got to meet.  Well, at least look back to June 10th, 2019 – our first day in business.  We weren’t sure what to expect when we went live on that day.  We knew we had the finest quality of cookies backed by our freshness and satisfaction guarantee but we were uncertain of how consumers would react to buying cookies online.

Well, let us tell you that we were blown away by the response we received, the well wishes, the great reviews, the donations of cookies that we handed out to service members, the support for a veteran-owned business, lots of repeat customers, the best experience we could have ever asked for.

Now don’t get us wrong, it was a challenge for us, especially through the holiday season as we both have full-time jobs.  Those were some long days and nights.  In fact, we each took a week off from work and still had trouble keeping up.  The response was real and it was quick.

Baking our cookies is a time-consuming process as we make each individual batch of 24 cookies from scratch.  We always want to ensure that we provide the finest and tastiest cookies available on the market.  Each batch is given that extra TLC by Angie and she wants to keep it that way.  We also bake out of one oven (for now) so we are capacity is limited by this.  We’ve had the oven running for 14 hours straight on some days!  But we will always strive to keep cookie quality, freshness and taste as our #1 priority.   This is to keep in line with our simple mission of providing superior quality cookies guaranteed to be fresh with a portion of all proceeds being donated to causes in line with Operation Cookies' focus on veteran care.

Speaking of donations, we have been able to successfully donate each month that we have been in business to the tune of over $800 to the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House Foundation, both fantastic organizations doing great things for our veterans.  Our next cause we’ll be donating to is the Gary Sinise Foundation.  If you’re not familiar with Gary Sinise, he is an INCREDIBLE human being supporting all types of veteran causes.  Oh yeah, he also played Lieutenant Dan in the movie Forest Gump.  We are grateful to each of our customers who have purchased our cookies and to those repeat customers who continue to buy cookies.  You make these donations possible and as long as the cookies keep getting sold, we’ll keep donating.  It gives us great satisfaction to be able to give to organizations that support those who have served our country.

We are looking forward to 2020 and making this even bigger.  If you have events happening, looking for a gift idea, want to donate cookies to service members or just want to enjoy some of the best cookies on earth, check us out.  We have lots of satisfied customers and if our cookies aren’t what you expect, just let us know and we’ll refund your money.  But we don’t think this will be the case. Our short track record of great feedback and reviews is a reassurance to us that our cookies are a great value for the price.  To that end, we did buy some other competitor’s cookies online (at a much higher price than our cookies) when we started our business and they just did not compare to ours. And we’re not being biased here.  In fact, a business out of Tennessee bought cookies from several online cookie companies and concluded that ours were the best - they placed their order for 800 chocolate chip cookies with us!  An ever-growing % of our cookie sales is to businesses for gift-giving purposes/events/parties. 

There have also been some generous donators of cookies.  The most recent large donation of cookies and one of the coolest stories we like to share is a donation of 15 dozen cookies that were purchased by an all-girl high school academy out of New Jersey.  They recently formed a veterans club and elected to use our donation of cookies option on our website and even opted for the gift-wrapping option.  The service members loved getting these.

Our shipments to deployed service member throughout the world was also a big hit.  Many a father, mother, husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandfather, grandmother, etc… took advantage of this to send cookies to their loved ones serving in harm’s way.  We have one big fan serving at the embassy in Kabul – CJ.  He bought multiple times from us with his last order being 7 dozen to share with his fellow Marines.  We keep this option open throughout the year to send cookies overseas and we have received great feedback on the freshness of the cookies upon receipt.

Anyways, Cheers to 2020!  Angie and I wish you all the best and keep us in mind for any order of cookies, large or small.  We like and live by our slogan:  “Cookies for a Cause”



  • Nancy Reid

    First time on your website and blog and was very impressed! I bake a lot but want to sample yours! They look delicious so I will place my first order. I too am from Pittsburgh- grew up in Homestead. Came up here to Michigan to teach first grade!

  • Kathleen

    God bless you, God bless America…..

  • Mick King

    Great review. Such a wonderful achievement in such a short time and you really do have an exceptional product. You guys are fabulous. Love your work. All the very best for 2020.

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