Our First Contribution to the Wounded Warrior Project

Hey everyone, 

We launched in June 2019 and to say the past month and a half has been crazy would be an understatement! We've had hundreds of orders and baked thousands of cookies. Who knew there were so many hungry patriots out there?

We really appreciate your support of our small business. In a world where big businesses are dominating and driving out small companies using free next day shipping and the lowest possible prices, our customers ordering our cookies means the world to us. Every order from Operation Cookies is baked from scratch by Angie and her niece in our kitchen in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We take pride in our business and the products we sell and we're so glad everyone's enjoying and sharing these cookies with their friends and family. And hey, if you want to keep them all for yourself while you binge-watch Stranger Things or The Office on Netflix, no judgment here!

It's been a crazy month, but we took some time to reflect on the business - everything from the sales numbers to the customers to the cookies and more. But most importantly, we took time to determine how much of a contribution we can make toward WWP for those that defended the country with such bravery. We're fortunate to live in such a free nation and recognize that freedom's not free. 

On Friday, we sent out our first $100 contribution to WWP and plan to continue making contributions as the business grows. Thank you for your support of us, and by extension, the Wounded Warrior Program.  


  • Heidi

    Can we have these shipped.to a US base in Europe? England, to be precise?

  • Mary Ann Phillips

    Are your prices based on per dozen cookies, and how can I order but shipped to another address? My nephew in the Marines is based in NC. I would like to send him some.

  • Robbe Winters

    I am all in when it comes to supporting small businesses and even better when they give to our vets. 🙏🏻 Place it in God’s hands and you will prosper.

  • Thomas Wawryk

    Good luck on your business venture

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