The first full week of business

Hello everyone, we'd like to take this opportunity to say "Thanks" to everyone who ordered some cookies in our first week of operations - we hope that you are truly enjoying them!  In our first week, we have received 108 orders totaling close to 200 dozen cookies.  We weren't quite prepared for the amount of orders but we burned some midnight oil a few nights to get all the orders out the door.

Your generosity in supporting our business is going to go a long way in allowing us to make a nice donation at the end of the month to the Wounded Warrior Project - a program supporting the true heroes in our eyes.  Our belief in supporting this cause gives us a clear and vibrant passion we will strive to help out with by our monthly donations.  

It is with gratitude that we say thanks to all who support those in need and a big heartfelt thanks to those who continue to serve in harm's way.

Angie and Paul

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